Supporting Your Specialty

Welcome to Fast Finance News where we strive to meet your small business accounting and project management needs.

Whether on a project or continuous basis, we use real world approaches to help small businesses succeed by balancing limited resources with requirements, and provide informative, reliable financial data that can be used for management decision making and analysis.

With a strong background in both federal government accounting and controllership for small business, we have a unique skill set to navigate the world of federal contracts and help small businesses succeed in meeting the requirements of the DCAA.

Working anywhere you are.

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Business Accounting

Offering a comprehensive list of accounting and consulting services including bookkeeping, internal control, and financial reporting.


Small Business Federal Contracts

Consulting and internal review services to ensure your business is safeguarded and compliant with all current federal laws and regulations.

Fraud Examination & Forensic Accounting

Small businesses are more likely than larger ones to experience fraud. Expertise in fraud prevention, detection, and deterrence helps mitigate fraud risk and identify it when it happens.

Management Consulting

Experience and expertise that can help you implement the proper strategies to reach your financial and overall management goals.


Lean Management

Supporting your business by continuing improvement and efficiencies in processes, eliminating waste while sustaining or increasing productivity, and delivering value to your business and customers.

Memberships, Certifications & Awards

"My goal is to provide professional assistance and support to other small business owners with management and accounting services tailored to your unique business needs."

Shannon M. Bloom, CPA

*Use of the term “specializing” is a self-designation and is not sanctioned by the state or federal government.